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Sex with Matt
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Matt shakes me awake, although I wasn't asleep. The lights are on in the room. I lift my head up from his chest to look up at Matt. "Yeah?" I say.

"Wanna have sex?" He asks.

I smirk, and lick Matt's shoulder. "Sure."

Matt takes off his pants, leaving him in his underwear. I don't take anything off because I'm already in my bra and thong.

I crawl on top of Matt and begin kissing him passionately. I hold the back of his head, holding him in. I rub my waist against his and Matt puts his hands on my ass.

Suddenly the door opens, and Matt's dad looks in. "Oo sorry." He says. "Do you guys need a condom? Something like that?"

I see Matt signal to his dad to bring a bunch. I smile and kiss Matt more passionately. Matt's dad walks in the room and grabs some condoms from a drawer. He drops them on the nightstand.

Suddenly Matt's dad slaps my ass, and pulls down my thong. He kisses it passionately for about ten seconds, and hten says "come on, Matt! Fuck her! Fuck her hard!"

Matt's dad leaves. Matt flips us and sits up. He gets off the bed, and takes off his underwear.

"Wanna play a game?" He says sexily.

"Sure." I growl.

"Okay. Well I'll turn off the lights, put on a condom, and you have to guess the flavor."

I smile and giggle. "Alright." I say? Biting my lip.

Matt walks over to the switch and turns the lights off. I hear him walk back over and feel him crawl onto the other end of the bed. I immediately move over and start kissing his chest. I move down quickly and start kissing and licking Matt's dick hard.

"MMMMM" Matt moans. "Oh Jesus! I didn't put it on yet! MMM..."

I sit up and stand up. I slip off. My thong, and wait for Matt to tell me when he put it on. When he does, I get on the bed, and put my knees past Matt's head, my vagina nearly in his mouth.

"69?" I say.

"Oh yes." Matt moans. I turn around, and lean down to start sucking Matt's dick. He starts passionately making out and fucking my vagina. We both moan.

"MMM... Ohh..." I moan. I feel Matt stick his tongue in my vagina and I cum hard. I taste Matt cum to.

Tonight. Just perfect.